You can now use eiktub™ technology on your web site!

LinguArabica is pleased to annouce the beta release of an API that allows developers to access the eiktub™ transliteration engine from their web sites. Follow the simple steps below to make any text element on your web page "eiktub-enabled". As in any beta relase, your feedback in reporting bugs and providing suggestions is essential to improving the service. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Basic setup

1. In the header of the html page, insert reference to the eiktub™ API as follows:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

2. In the text element (e.g. textbox or textarea) add reference to the class eiktub_api as follows:
<textarea class="eiktub_api" ></textarea>

That's it! Your text element is now "eiktub-enabled". The eiktub™ icon should now appear to the left of the text element as shown in the example below. By clicking on this icon you can change some of the transliteration options such as enabling or disabling vowelization (taHriik).

Transliteration modes

The eiktub™ API operates in one of the 3 transliteration modes described below:

  1. Multiple-match: This is the default mode. In the multiple-match mode, eiktub returns a list of Arabic words to choose from for every typed Latin word. Once you type a word, the list will appear after a short pause. If you press space or puncuation, the top word in the list will be automatically chosen. By cliking on a transliterated word, the list will appear once again, giving you the chance to correct your selection. Note that in this early phase of the release, the accuracy of the suggested word list will be modest. As data is gathered from usage, the accuracy is expected to improve considerably.
  2. Exact BATR: This mode transliterates words by strictly following the Bikdash Arabic Transilteration Rules (BATR). Enable this mode by adding the class eiktub_exact to the text element.
  3. Fuzzy BATR: In this mode, eiktub attempts to improve the guess of the typed word by invoking some of the rules of Arabic dictation. Enable this mode by adding the class eiktub_fuzzy to the text element.
As an example, typing the word "samer" in each of the 3 modes results in:
  1. Multiple-match: سمر , صمر , سامر, صامر
  2. Exact BATR: سمأر
  3. Fuzzy BATR: سمر

Additional features

The eiktub™ API comes with the following useful features that can be configured by the developer: